The 10 Essentials

Pack the "10 Essentials" and be prepared for minor injuries, sudden weather changes or delays. Always carry and know how to use:

      1. A map of the area
      2. A compass
      3. A flashlight with extra batteries/bulb
      4. Extra food
      5. Extra clothing, including rain gear
      6. Sunglasses and sunscreen
      7. A pocketknife
      8. Matches in a waterproof container
      9. A candle or other fire starter (emergency use only)
      10. A first aid kit

Support Crater Lake

The Trust depends on your tax-deductible donations to help students, teachers, and visitors to share in the excitement of this great natural wonder.

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Crater Lake License Plates

For just $30, you can join some 400,000 Oregon residents and show your support for Crater Lake by purchasing a Crater Lake License Plate.

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