Heart to Heart Quilts, Merrill, Oregon. - Photo Courtesy of Discover Klamath Visitor and
Convention Bureau.
Heart to Heart Quilts, Merrill, Oregon. - Photo Courtesy of Discover Klamath Visitor and Convention Bureau.

Klamath County does not have a traditional mall. Not in all 6,136 square miles. So what does that mean for residents and visitors? It means an abundance of unique boutiques, most of which are owned and operated by locals. 

In the charming town of Merrill, one will be amazed at the vast assortment of fabrics, threads, notions and knowledge available to quilters at Tater Patch Quilts. Right next door, at Heart to Heart Quilters, are state-of-the-art quilting machines, and a fun group of ladies running the show.  Are fine collectibles or quality cookware more your speed? Then head down the road to County Cork Collectibles. This gorgeous country property is an unexpected delight for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience in a beautiful setting.

Not to be outdone is the Quilting Sisters boutique tucked off the road in the picturesque setting of Rocky Point. They too boast an amazing selection of fabrics and fun. From there, a gorgeous drive along country roads, including a section of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, will lead to the cozy town of Chiloquin. There you will find the Two Rivers Gallery, which features creations from local artists, and is also a small Welcome Center with helpful information. Nearby is a stunning new and used bookstore called Fine Books &… that holds a nearly dizzying array of tomes. A maze of rooms gives the place a magical feel. 

Antique shops are also plentiful in Klamath County. From the aptly named Simpler Times near the western outskirts of Klamath Falls, to the vast 600 Spring Street Antique Warehouse near the Amtrak depot, recreational and serious collectors alike can easily spend days hunting for treasures. 

Bebe Bella Children’s Boutique in downtown Klamath Falls features whimsical displays in the shape of a carousel, toy soldier, and toy princess. Next door is the chic, yet affordable, woman’s clothing store Royal Touch. The wonderful accessories alone are worth a stop. Main Street is also the home to a trio of resale shops with great atmospheres, so be sure to put Periwinkle Women’s, Periwinkle Home, and Periman’s on your shopping list.

When you want to take a relaxing break from your exploration of Main Street for a snack and a sip, there is a fun and delicious boutique bakery, Crave, that offers a wide variety of cupcake flavors as well as cookies and brownies. The Oregon Gift Store has a delightful surprise downstairs: a wine bar filled with thousands of bottles of wines and microbrews. It’s a great place to sit back and sample wines and enjoy the atmosphere, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when they have live music by local musicians.

Main Street isn’t the only place to find unique shopping in downtown Klamath Falls, just slightly off the beaten path is Nesting Instinct, an affordable home décor boutique that will make you want to sit down and stay awhile. Still further from the downtown scene, but close by, is Balin’s Tower Drug and Gift. This store’s atmosphere feels like neighborhood drug stores of yesteryear. It has a pharmacy, a mail/shipping station, an extensive gift shop, and a small eatery. This is one-stop-shopping in the best way. 

With all of these unique boutiques, and many more throughout the county, Klamath offers a shopping experience worth exploring. For more information visit: