Disc golfer Mike Hildum sinks a shot at Moore Park. - Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mariman
Disc golfer Mike Hildum sinks a shot at Moore Park. - Photo Courtesy of Andrew Mariman

Saturdays are busy at The Attraction disc golf course at Moore Park. Starting at 8 a.m., golfers arrive with bags of discs, each disc suiting a different purpose much like the bag of a traditional golfer. By noon the place is teeming with 50 to 60 people. 

This little-known established course in Klamath Falls draws people in with its challenging layout and shaded forest setting. Gaining notoriety online, it has become a great side trip for some of the half million tourists passing through Klamath County to visit Crater Lake and other destinations. 

Though the course was built years ago, it wasn’t until this March when Mike Hildum, a 51-year-old local decided to undertake the course’s resurrection along with the help of local business owner Mike Angeli. 

The two started a Klamath Basin Disc Golf group on Facebook and struck up an open discourse with the City Parks Division and Friends of Moore Park – the course was reborn. 

“Everybody has really gotten behind this. The course is challenging, but not that long and it is starting to take shape again after about a year of abandonment,” Hildum said, smiling from under the brim of his cap. “We have golfers out here every day policing for litter and volunteering their time making repairs when necessary.” 

Hildum, with more than seven years of disc golf experience, was out with his usual Saturday foursome deliberately working his disc from tee
to basket, taking time out to talk strategy with
his friends. 

Though similar to traditional golf in jargon and principle, there are no greens fees and for about the price of one traditional golf driver, a person can purchase a bag and a dozen different discs to
get started. 

The Attraction is a cool, meandering, links-style course with dense thickets, towering pines, and as many twists, turns and dips as an episode of Dancing with the Stars. It’s a place to escape for a couple hours of the relaxing frustration that is
disc golf.  

For more information visit the Ledge, 369 S 6th St. in Klamath Falls, or visit Klamath Basin Disc Golf on Facebook: