Four Nights of Delight

Dive into award-winning artisan cheeses, share coffee with an innkeeper over a bountiful breakfast, or sample the varietals of the Umpqua and Rogue River valleys. It's all part of the annual Oregon Bounty program, a special time each fall when the best in Oregon cuisine is featured throughout the state.

See what Southern Oregon brings to the dining table.


The Good News on Food

Southern Oregon recently played host to a terrific group of travel writers from the International Food  & Wine Travel Writers Association. 25 writers, 10 days, a wide  variety of trips, overnights, and (of course) wonderful food and wine. Check out these terrific articles, sure to whet your appetite for not only our  great culinary and wine pairings, but for our fantastic scenery and  attractions.

- Top 10 Tastes in South Oregon
- Top  10 Tastes of 2008
- Happy Pumpkin Day
- A  Chilly Day in Jacksonville
- Putting Pears in a Bottle
- Breaking a Hamburger Fast
- Thanksgiving  at Summer Jo's
- Have a Cuppa Cranberries
- Beyond Pinot Noir in Oregon
- What's That in my Soup?
- Reustle: Wine, Food and Prayer
- Beefing up Birria At Los Arcos

From IFWTWA Blog
- The Perk of Cary's of Oregon
- Delights of the Oregon Chocolate Trail
- To Oregon Wine Country- An Alternative to Napa Valley

- Food  Artisans in Southern Oregon: The World's Best Blue Cheese, Toffee &  Chocolates
- Winery Tours: The Finds of Southern Oregon

- Sips & Tastes-Umpqua Valley, Oregon
- Tastes-Porters Rogue Valley ears Panna Cotta
- Tastes-Brandy Peak Distillery and Brandy Pie
- GLOG Recipe-Nibbley's in Klamath Falls
- Nation Vodka Raspberry Sauce Recipe
Cheers - 30-Mile Lemonade Cocktail
Many Tastes from around Southern Oregon
Tastes-2009 Oregon Chocolate Festival 
Tastes-Recipe-Spice Cake with Pear Compote
See Video

Recipes-Mexican Corn Casserole
Sour Cream Beef or Chicken Enchiladas - The Tandem Tasters Visit with Area Chefs
Chef Mark Carter , Peerless Restaurant and Bar, Ashland
Chef Juan Murilo , 38 Central, Medford
Chef Kristen Lyon , Garden Bistro at the McCully House, Jacksonville
Chef Drew Spencer & Pastry Chef Jenane Richards , Jacksonville Inn

Whoa....It's Valentines Day Already?
A+ for B&B Ashland Creek Inn
- Following The Butcher, The Baker, and The Winemaker’s Trail - Southern Oregon
Part 1
Part 2 |  Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6



Ashland, Oregon--So much to do, so little time

Butte Creek Mill's miller Bob Russell
Prospect Hotel in Southern Oregon's WW Hazlenut French Toast

The Wines are Great, But Just Check Out their (still single) Vintner: Southern Oregon

From Big Blend
- Holiday Gift Guide
- Toasty Comfort Food - 38 Special's All Grown Up Mac and Cheese
- Culinary Secrets- Comfort Food Carriage House Restaurant