1. Link River Nature Trail

 2. Howard Bay Observation Point

 3. Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge

 4. Eagle Ridge/Shoalwater Bay

 5. Moore Park Recreational Area

 6. Collier State Park & Logging Museum

 7. Oregon State Fish Hatchery

 8. Jackson F. Kimball State Park

 9. Crystal Springs Park

10. Wood River Wetlands

This tour shows you how diverse the Klamath Basin is.

In Klamath Falls, enjoy a hike along the Link River, a day of golf or go antiquing.

Traveling northwest on Highway 140 frames spectacular views of Upper Klamath Lake. Enjoy a canoe trip through Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge or take a picnic to Crystal Springs day-use park.

Drive north into Wood River Valley and visit the site of a historic military fort in Fort Klamath. Be sure to visit Kimball State Park and take a short hike to the headwaters of the Wood River.

Next stop, Collier State Park & Logging Museum for a history lesson on the area located on Highway 97 north of Chiloquin.

Proceeding south along the east side of Klamath Lake clear views of Mt. Scott, Mt. McLaughlin and Mt. Shasta.

Estimated travel time: Full day

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