1. Spangler Vineyards

 2. Abacela Winery

 3. Girardet Wine Cellars

 4. Wildlife Safari

 5. Melrose Vineyards

 6. Hillcrest Vineyard

 7. Palotai Vineyard

 8. River's Edge Winery

 9. Henry Estate Winery

10. Bradley Vineyards

11. Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyard

12. Brandborg Winery

13. Sienna Ridge Estate

14. MarshAnne Landing

15. Anindor Winery

16. Wild Rose Vineyard

17. Misty Oakes Vineyard

18. Becker Vineyards

19. Julianna Vineyards

20. Delfino's Vineyard

21. Chateau Nonchalant

22. Pyrenees Vineyards

You can taste a wide variety of award-winning wines from this diverse drive through the lush Umpqua Valley.  Numerous opportunities to picnic and explore along the way.  Wildlife Safari is also en route, where you can see exotic animals right from your car.  Ask for a detailed map of the route from any of the wineries or at the Roseburg Visitor Center in downtown Roseburg.  

Estimated travel time: Full Day

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