1. Colliding Rivers

2. The Narrows

3. Diamond Lake

4. Lemolo Lake

5. Wilderness areas/trails (3 areas)

6. Mt. Thielsen Views

7. Crater Lake National Park

8. Upper Rogue Regional Park

9. Waterfalls: Susan Creek Falls, Fall Creek Falls, Watson Falls and Toketee Falls

This State Byway takes you to the edge of Crater Lake National Park. The indigo blue lake was formed when the ancient volcano Mt. Mazama blew its top.

This 180-mile tour takes you past Diamond Lake, along the wild Umpqua and Rogue rivers with their riffles and pools that sport world-class trout and steelhead fly fishing, and to waterfalls, parks and campgrounds.

Follow the National Byway signs.

Estimated travel time: Full Day

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