1. Crescent Ranger Station

2. Crescent Creek

3. Crescent and Odell Lakes

4. Miller Lake

5. Chemult Ranger Station

6. Historic Gilchrist (Oregon's last company owned town) and the Northern Klamath County Visitor Center

In this 50-mile tour, you’ll travel through Central Oregon’s beautiful Cascade Recreation Area.

Begin your tour at the Northern Klamath County Visitor Center in historic Gilchrist. Continue through the towns of Crescent, Crescent Lake Jct. and Chemult, home of the world-class Chemult Sled Dog Race.

On your journey you can enjoy high desert mountain beauty, visit the quaint small towns, take in some outdoor recreation, have a picnic and watch wildlife in the woods.

Be sure to visit Crescent Creek and Crescent, Odell and Miller Lakes.

Estimated travel time: Two hours

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