One of the special treats of vacationing in Southern Oregon is exploring historic timber and agricultural communities that have lived off the land for decades.

Thanks to the support of the US Forest Service’s Rural Community Assistance Program, the Southern Oregon Visitors Association (SOVA) has developed detailed maps (maps not to scale) in various forms to highlight the numerous rural communities in our region.

We hope you will take the time to visit the rural side of Southern Oregon. You’ll find friendly people and welcoming communities, plus you’ll see the pioneering spirit and scenic beauty that attracted Oregon’s original visitors on the Oregon and Applegate trails. As an added bonus, you can't beat the Southern Oregon weather.

The US Forest Service places emphasis on helping rural communities organize, develop broad-based local action plans, and take actions which build towards sustainable solutions for economic, social, and environmental concerns and opportunities. SOVA is pleased to be a partner with the US Forest Service in promoting the development of rural tourism opportunities.

- Bandon Scenic Ocean Views
- Charleston Harbor / Seven Devils Loop
- Powers Route
- Winchester Bay

Rogue-Umpqua - A National Scenic Byway
- Historic Jacksonville
South Cascades & Mountain Lakes
- Myrtle Creek-Canyonville Tour
- Scenic Applegate Valley Tour
South Cascades Tour
- Highway 199 Grants Pass/Cave Junction Tour
- Umpqua Valley Wineries
- I-5 Corridor/Rogue River Recreation Area
- Umpqua River 

High Country
Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway - An America's All-American Road
The Outback - A National Scenic Byway
- Northern Klamath County Loop
- Upper Klamath Lake Loop
Lava Beds Loop