In Lake County, check out the Summer Lake Basin and the thousands of migratory birds that feed there in the Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge and Chewaucan Marshes.

The Summer Lake Basin supports more than 250 species, including bald eagles, Canada geese, White Faced Ibis, Yellow-headed blackbirds, Goshawks, Hermit Thrushes, Red-tail hawks and Great Blue Herons.

Fun Fact (from Oregon Historical County Records Guide - Oregon Blue Book)
Summer Lake is located in northern Lake County. University of Oregon archaeologist Luther Cressman found the world's oldest shoes in northern Lake County in 1938.

Before he discovered the well-preserved 9,000-year-old sagebrush bark sandals near Fort Rock, scientists believed that humans inhabited the Far West only since about 4,000 years ago.

Several subsequent discoveries of even older sandals in the northern Great Basin confirmed the importance of Cressman's work. For this find, and for other research that broke down standing theories about the nature of the prehistoric Northwest, Cressman became known as the father of Oregon archaeology.(Source: University of Oregon Museum of Natural History)

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