Lake County is a land of stark beauty. It is possible for one to enjoy, all in one day, the broad expanses of desert, sagebrush, and rim rocks; as well as the solitude of our mountain forests and crystal clear lakes and streams.

Lake County is one of the few places in Oregon fortunate enough to be able to boast of its abundant wildlife and majestic views. It is possible to see everything from wild horses and big horn sheep to mule deer, elk and everything in between. Our lakes and streams are loaded with fish and we have an average of 320 sunny days every year to enjoy all of this.

Lake County is the hang-gliding capital of the West and the competitions are held every year on Black Cap Mountain which over looks the town of Lakeview.

The Sunstone, (the Plush Diamond), is the state gemstone and it's only found in Lake County.

Lakeview is the tallest town in Oregon and is the home of "Ole Perpetual", the only hot water geyser in the Pacific Northwest, which spouts a plume of hot water more than 60 feet in the air about every 30 seconds.

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