Hiking in Southern Oregon is like a walk in the park. National park, that is. Or, state park. Or, local park. In fact, no matter where you may be, the region’s variety of trails have something for everyone.

The waterfall trials along Highway 138 east of Roseburg allow you to park and walk in to beauty. Jacksonville’s trails lead you to history.  Ashland’s routes offer a quick escape from city to forest. Then the grand daddy of all trails, the Oregon stretch of the legendary Pacific Coast Trail, is close by.


With so many hiking trails and systems to choose from, it’s difficult to decide where to start. Here are a few websites to help you make up your mind.


Rogue Wilderness – www.wildrogue.com

Roe Outfitters – www.roeoutfitters. Com

Things to do Near Crater Lake

Klamath County Resources - www.discoverklamath.com. 

Grants Pass Area Resources -  www.visitgrantspass.org. 

Lake County Resources – www.lakecountrychamber.org

Hiking near Roseburg

Medford Area Resources - www. TravelMedford.org

Hiking at Table Rocks – www.blm.gov/or/resources/recreation/tablerock/index.php

Ashland Area Resources – www.ashlandchamber.com

Oregon’s South Coast - www.oregonstateparks.org/searchpark.php?region=south_coast.